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Love Cambodia x

Our stay in Cambodia was relatively short in comparison, but nonetheless, we had a great week exploring Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

First of all, you need a visa to get into the country and it’s around $30 per person. We gave in our passports when we booked a bus from Vietnam which felt a bit dodgy but luckily we were ok – this seems to be the way everyone does it, but just be careful as we were told stories about how people had to pay to get theirs back! 

Phnom Penh

Not the nicest of areas but The Killing Fields / S21 Rrison are obviously very cultural and definitely worth a day visit. The history surrounding Pol Pot’s regime is really quite harrowing, particularly as it’s still relatively recent. We couldn’t quite believe some of the things that we saw/heard and although it’s quite difficult to contemplate, just hearing some of the stories helps you to gain a better perspective on Cambodia. Definitely worth a visit. 

You can pay for a tuk tuk to take you around for the day and once you arrive at both places, you can pay a little extra for an audio tour which is really informative.



We arrived really late so just stayed two nights in Phnom Penh in total – that’s long enough. We recommend that you get a ‘Happy Pizza‘ when you’re there though! (ha-ha) So much fun – you’ll need something uplifting after the killing fields / prison tour. 


Here you can also visit an orphanage which I highly recommend. A tuk tuk will take you there, and you can stop off on the way and buy bags of rice or pens and pencils to give to the children. The one we went to was really nice, the children are so well looked after and happy and they absolutely loved showing us all around.




Siem Reap

One of our favourite places. Stay near Pub Street, it’s really touristy but so many bars and restaurants and if you stay just off it it’s not crazy loud all night. There are there great tuk tuks that turn into ‘bars’ in the evening with music that are so fun. Also get a Cambodian BBQ for dinner where you cook all different types of meat on your table, including crocodile and Octopus – it’s a great experience.



I would say that you don’t need more than a week in Cambodia, and most of that you should spend in Siem Reap (two nights max in Phnom Penh).

Shinoukville is meant to be an amazing island. We unfortunately couldn’t go there due to time / weather but I hear that it is one of the best places in Cambodia, so worth staying longer maybe to try and go there and the same with Koh Rong which apparently has beautiful beaches. 


1 thought on “Love Cambodia x”

  1. Its my fav destination, every time i go there it makes me feel wonderful, its an amazing country with a nice heritage, temples are amazing and people are kind, your article is one of the best i read so far well composed snd compressed, i share some pics soon its inner Cambodia and i advise you all go back there for at-least 10 days to explore many beautiful wonders of this small country.
    Appreciate reading this blog and happy 💚💙💛💜❤️💖👌🙏✨

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