CEWE Photo Books: Bringing Your Travel Photos To Life

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After arriving home from an adventure, one of the first things that we tend to do is sit and look at the photos taken on our trip and it’s within these moments where you truly reflect on just how great the holiday was. Although 90% of these photos probably find themselves on to Instagram or Facebook, I guess that’s usually all that happens to them in the 21st century. Gone are the days where we took photos in to the local Boots to have them processed and ready to pick up a few days later. However, I think it’s nice to remind yourself to print some of your pics on occasion and splash them around the house for future enjoyment. With this in mind, this spring we teamed up with cewe-photoworld.com to create an interactive photo album that we could leave on the coffee table and access whenever we wanted. CEWE are Europe’s largest photo company, offering photos services in the form of photobooks, wall art, cards, calendars and many other forms of photo memorabilia. They have an exceptional reputation through a large customer base and the quality of their prints are next to none.
Having not made a photobook like this before, I must say that I momentarily felt somewhat daunted when presented with the CEWE Photobook programme and all of it’s capabilities. However, it wasn’t anything longer than about thirty seconds where I realised just how easy using the programme was and before I knew it, I was well on my way to creating a seriously cool photobook.

CEWE PhotoWorld Programme

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When beginning the book, you are taken through a number of steps where you can choose the type of photobook that you want. These include Large Portrait, Squared, Landscape, Pocket-Sized and others. We went for the XL Square and chose to have this printed in Matte Photographic Paper. There are a number of types of paper that you can chose to have your book finished in, ranging from High Gloss, Classic Photograph and much more. The Matte Photographic Paper was the perfect choice for us as it complimented the kind of filters that we had used on our photos …and the quality of the paper is incredible!

CEWE Photobook, Styles, Salt and coconuts, Layout

The CEWE programme is excellent, allowing you to do many things – the kind of things that you might find on a Word programme, plus more. This includes choosing from a range of masks and frames, different themes, backgrounds and page layouts.
The one thing that I felt was great was being given the freedom to create the book exactly as you would like to see it. Even though you are provided with an abundance of templates for photos in various formats, you can decide to use these as guidance or simply just make up your own. For example, below you can see two different ways of organising 3 photos on a page. This is just one of infinite arrangements you can choose from. You are given the option to use CEWE’s examples, or simply drag them around to create your own style. The is what I tended to do for most of our pages as I felt that it helped to give the book more of a personal feel. Also, being able to incorporate anything between 1 to 36 photos per page really allowed me to make our page as original as possible.

CEWE Photobook, Salt and Coconuts, Travel Photos, Nepal

What I also liked was the ability to use the text feature, incorporating words throughout the book that helped to further bring the stories of our trip to life. Again, with an abundance of different styles of text to choose from, you can write whatever you want, wherever you want and however you want! I quickly decided that I wanted our photobook to include a narration that told the story of our journey through Nepal and how we got engaged. Of course, we’ve all had that friend or family member that’s sat us down and taken us through their holiday snaps, not gauging that we can’t wait for it to be over. Therefore, I thought that by adding a little bit of a storyline to the photos, this can help to bring a further layer to the book; one that hopefully makes it a little more exciting for other people to see.

Text Feature, CEWE Photobook, Salt and Coconuts, Nepal, Travel Book

One of the coolest parts of creating the book, however, was the ability to incorporate videos in to the pages. All of those videos scattered around your phone are suddenly given a new life and they sit ever so elegantly on each page in the form of a Q Code (you’ll notice the code in the above picture on the bottom left of the right hand page). By simply downloading a Q Code app on to your phone (there’s loads of these about), you can scan the code and automatically  begin playing the video that you uploaded to the book whilst making it (cool hey!) This was particularly great for us for this book as we were able to incorporate the moments during our engagement day in Nepal. Also, I was very happy that I could incorporate some of the drone shots that I had taken on the trip.

Our Nepal Photo Book

Photobook, CEWE, Travel, photos

Having not created a photobook before and being so pleased with the outcome of this one, I couldn’t recommend CEWE Photoworld more highly! We will certainly be using again them to bring all of our future travel photos to life and I look forward to having a pile of them showcasing our trips from all over the world, in years to come.

For more info or to make to make your own photo book, please visit:

Enjoy x

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    You guys took scrapbooking to a whole new level, we will have to try it out! Thanks for the information!!

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