Hi! We’re SaLt AnD CoCoNuTs 🌴 (Sarah and Louis) a Nurse and Teacher from Brighton. We’ve travelled around some amazing countries over the past few years and we’ve managed to achieve a lot whilst sticking to a strict budget – after all, being a nurse and a teacher doesn’t bring in crazy amounts of money, so travelling well on a budget is one of our specialities! Many of our friends have asked for advice on where to go and what to see in preparation for their own adventures, so we decided to make this website for people who want a little inspiration when planning their own fun yet relatively cheap travels. 

Scroll through our featured countries above and click on the Travels tab for some tips on the various locations that we have been. If you have any further questions, click on Contact and drop us an email or you can find us at @salt_and_coconuts and @find_louis on Instagram.

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